Welcome to my blog!

Why The Hungry Punk?

When I created this blog, back in about 2014, the idea was that this would be a food blog. I’d spent my first year of university in catered halls, where the food was little more than gruel, and in my second year, I was desperate to lose the weight I’d gained. However, living with housemates with various issues, while battling my own demons, I gained even more weight. The idea was that this blog would be all about healthy eating on a student budget. But then life never goes to plan. This blog lay unused for two years, and then I wrote one post, before giving up again.

Since then, I’ve graduated and moved back home. I’ve lost all the independence I once had. Excellent public transportation has been replaced by a once-an-hour bus service that stops running at 7pm in the week, and doesn’t run past 3pm at a weekend. I know I’m not the only graduate who goes through this. I know many people who have done the same. The only thing is that nobody discusses it. We’re embarrassed that we have to take up lower-paid jobs in our hometowns because the economy tanked, and Her Majesty’s Government is financially screwing us out of a life. After all, we never chose this life. Our parents’ generation think we’re lazy. We need to speak out to change this perception.

So why The Hungry Punk? At the time that I chose this domain name, I was really into punk music, and I was always hungry. I’m not very creative.

So who is The Hungry Punk?

Call me Milou. You can find my real name on this, if you’re that way inclined, but I’ve learned from my mistakes of being too identifiable online in the past. I’m a French and Spanish graduate from the West Midlands region of England, via the East Midlands, and the French region of Alsace and the Spanish region of Andalusia.

What’s this blog about, then?

A bit of everything, in short. Food, music, politics, disability rights, higher education, travel… whatever’s on my mind at the time.

Hope you enjoy!



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