So who is The Hungry Punk?

You can call me Milou, you can call me what you like. You can probably find my real name, if you’re that way inclined, but I’ve learned from my mistakes of being too identifiable online in the past. I’m a French and Spanish graduate from the West Midlands region of England, via the East Midlands, Alsace, Andalusia, and the North West. I work in a bank, I speak four languages, and I’ve got a very broad and questionable taste in TV.

What’s this blog about, then?

Originally, this was going to be a food blog. Then it became a pedestal for me ranting about various things, namely the Government. Now it’s more of a stream of consciousness about graduate life, and the general disappointment that it seems to bring. Don’t count on regular updates, they’ll never happen.

Sounds great. Aren’t you just wallowing in self-pity? Shouldn’t you get over yourself and get a life?

Good question. A cynic would say that yes, a lot of this is wallowing in self-pity, and I’m certainly a cynic. I’ve kept journals on and off since a young age, and there’s 0 fun in having a secret journal in your mid-twenties. You may as well publish it online like you do with the rest of your life.

Should I get over myself and get a life? Probably.






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